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Shandong Haiwang Chemical Co., Ltd is a company specializing in producing bromine and bromide. It’s a company that has the biggest bromine production capacity in China. Thanks to its years’ experiences and advanced technology, Shandong Haiwang is a leading player in China’s bromine industry.

  • Development History

    The predecessor of Shandong Haiwang Chemical Holding Limited is Shandong Haiwang Chemical Co., Ltd, which was established on January 27, 2003.

    On July 5, 2006, the predecessor company was changed into a limited company.

    Our company has been actively seeking overseas resources since 2010.

    Our company has successfully established Lao-Haiwang Mining Sole Co., Ltd in 2011.

    Lao-Jinda Industrial Sole Co,.Ltd was established in 2017.

    Another sub-company Djibouti Chemical SAS was established in Djibouti in 2018.

    The first phase of the Djibouti project was put into production and the second phase went into operation in December 2019.

    The second phase of the Djibouti project was put into production in March 2021.
  • Major Production

    For many years in the salt bromide industry, Haiwang Company has rich experiences in the development and production of bromine and bromide.

    Decabromodiphenyl Ethane

    Decabromodiphenyl ether

    Tetrabromobisphenol A

    Methyloctabromo Ether (972)

    Sodium bromide

    Crystallized Brine
  • Shandong Haiwang Chemical Co., Ltd

    Haiwang Chemical Holding Limited is located on the south bank of Laizhou Bay, which is in the range of the Bohai Sea. Starting from its headquarters, it is 15 kilometres to Weifang Port and 30 kilometres to Weifang Airport. The company is close to the Rongcheng City –Wuhai City Expressway and the De-Long-Yan Railway. With its own railway transporting line, it is very convenient to operate transportation in the company. Located in the centre range of the coastal area along the Laizhou Bay, the company has rich underground brine water resources, which have high-quality bromine with a high density.

    Because the resources are in shallow areas, it is easy to exploit them. In comprehensive development and utilization, the company has unique resource advantages. It is located in the blue economic zone of Shandong peninsula, the high-end industrial agglomeration zone of Jiadong Peninsula and the superposition belt of the high-efficiency ecological economic zone in the Yellow River Delta.

    Therefore, an outstanding location and some policy-related advantages provide some new opportunities and broad spaces for the development of the company.
  • Oversea Growth

    Haiwang Chemical Holding Limited takes the Belt and Road Initiative. We have successfully built two overseas bases in Laos and Djibouti.

    New operational centre established in Jafza, Dubai, UAE (Ocean Sunrise Trading FZE)

    The company is a supplier of sodium bromide to the world's three largest oil service companies, Schlumberger, Halliburton and Baker Hughes, and has been certified by them.



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